An effective program to improve your mental health and get you off psychiatric medications – for good!

Exciting breakthroughs in scientific research have led to a new understanding of mental health – balancing your body and brain can positively affect your mind, mood and behaviour!

The Getting Off Psychiatric Drugs program shows you exactly how to do this, allowing you to safely and successfully overcome withdrawal and dependence to psychiatric medication.

The practical program provides a road map, showing you the way through the withdrawal process and towards emotional and physical wellbeing and recovery from psychiatric drugs.

Before you know it, your reliance on psychiatric medication will be completely behind you, and you’ll be living a drug-free life!


Does it feel like psychiatric medications have you trapped and blocking you from living an optimal life? Are you sick of the side effects and declining health? Do you feel like they keep you from feeling alive and fulfilled?  

The psychiatric medications that are supposed to “cure” you should not be wearing you down further. 

You may feel like you’re ready to go off them, but you continue to take them because every time you try to come off them, you experience withdrawal symptoms, and your doctor confuses this for a relapse in your mental illness. 

You’re told you have a chemical imbalance. 

But that is simply not true, and there is a solution!

The Getting Off Psychiatric Drugs program is what got me off four psychiatric drugs – and is helping my clients do the same!

The program guides you through the withdrawal process and shows you exactly what I did along the way to recover and get back to drug-free health and happiness.

After such great results with myself and my clients, I realized that I had no choice but to share what I’ve learned with you.

I’m laying out all the cutting-edge tools and strategies in this program. It will provide you with a helpful, simple approach to improve your mental health so you can get off psychiatric medication and live a better, more fulfilling life. 

In a world where increasing numbers of people are put on psychiatric drugs every day, and so many people are told they need to stay on them "for life", this program shows you that there is clearly another way.  

Learn exactly what I did to easily come off two antidepressants, one benzodiazepine, and one stimulant.

“How can I get off these damn medications successfully and easily?”

That was a question I asked myself for a long time.

I tried getting off psychiatric drugs several times. 

Whenever I tried, I had to go back on them.

I failed over and over, again and again.

It seemed like an impossible task. 

Eventually, I was convinced I would simply have to take them for the rest of my life because "it must be genetic and I simply have a chemical imbalance."

But I still felt like there was something wrong or missing. 

So I kept searching, and then I found out that conventional medicine has it all wrong. 

The psychiatric medications that were supposed to “fix” me were actually keeping me sick. 

Pharmaceutical companies spend lots of money convincing you that you have a "genetic chemical imbalance". That your brain is broken and it can’t be fixed. 

But it’s not true and I found a better way.

I found out that my problems were not simply genetic.

And I fixed myself. 

I was terribly broken. 

But I have put myself back together.

I walked away from my “mental illness genes” and I haven’t looked back. 

I’m now prescription free and you can be too. 

And this program shows you exactly how I did it.  

The Getting Off Psychiatric Drugs program brings together all the best information and lessons I’ve learned over the years so that you can recover your mental health, and provides practical and effective strategies to help you finally get off psychiatric medication. 

It offers a cutting-edge treatment approach with evidence-based alternatives that address the root causes of mental illness and behavioural problems.

It’s entirely based on thousands of hours of research, the latest scientific studies, years of in-depth interviews and consultations with leading health experts, and my own personal experience coming off psychiatric medications. 

The program is broken down into four parts:  





Altogether, the four-part program incorporates more than 40 simple, practical dietary and lifestyle changes to improve the quality of your life. 

This includes cutting-edge therapies and nutraceuticals, which make the transition off of psychiatric drugs as easy and as painless as possible.

Everything is ranked in order of helpfulness – from most important to least important. This means you’ll know exactly where to begin, what to do, and what to take to significantly limit your withdrawal symptoms!

And for each solution, you’ll learn exactly when to incorporate them into your lifestyle (before or after coming off your medication) and the proper dosage for all supplements.

Remember, this is the program that’s worked for me and what’s working with clients.

All the tools and information you need to get off psychiatric medication are right here.

A drug free and happier life is within reach. 

Start today, so that you feel better and start living better tomorrow.

Other than helping myself get off psychiatric medication and feel better, I’ve also helped many readers and more than 100 clients.

Here is some feedback I’ve received from them:

"I bought your program and I truly enjoyed it. Thank you very much. I love your wisdom and good advise. I am actually going through a tapering of anti depression and anxiety meds so your personal knowledge is very helpful." - Kirsten S.

"Thanks a million for what you do !!! Ever grateful to you. [The supplement] which you suggested [in the program] works wonders !!! It's like my brain and my life is back in my hands !! Wow I missed this feeling for like a decade. Thank you thank you !!" - Ashwin S.

"Thank you for your help. I was severely depressed a few months ago and was experiencing terrible intrusive thoughts. That all went away after following your guidance." - Sam H.

"I'll definitely be working more with you. You offered me some invaluable advice." - Anay B.

"I have passed along the advice you gave me to my family and friends. You are saving lives. Your contribution is far higher than many highly-paid psychiatrists." - Frank L. 

"Your personal recommendations helped so much and they informed me of healing tools I didn't know about." - Robert M.

"Thanks for encouraging me last year. I have my life back." - Monica T.

"I must say, [the therapy you recommended] abled me to detach, and I’m able to override the negative with positive feedback, which is something I definitely couldn’t do before." - Sherene C.

"Your information is the most helpful of any I have received." - Karen C.

"Your advice has been invaluable to me. In a week or so I feel much differently than I have in years after trying some of your recommendations. Thank you." - Jeff S.

Imagine Not Having to Take Psychiatric Medication Ever Again 

The main thing you need to know is this – you have more control over your mental health than you think, and you can overcome your mental illness without drugs. 

The truth is that drugs suppress symptoms, but they don’t fix the actual causes of your mental illness. 

Even the FDA warns that psychiatric drugs can cause agitation, anxiety, and suicidal tendencies! It just doesn’t make sense. 

You’ve been taken down the wrong path. But it’s not your fault.

I was taken down that same wrong path. 

But with the Getting Off Psychiatric Drugs program, you’ll be able to put down your psychiatric medications and jump into living an optimal life.

The program provides valuable, cutting-edge solutions and easy-to-implement lifestyle tips so that you can:

  • Improve your mood
  • Bring back your joyful self 
  • Explore life with vitality, energy, aliveness
  • Reduce chronic fear, anxiety and stress
  • Stay sharp and energized
  • Learn how to regulate your emotions
  • Overcome trauma 
  • Better engage with people 
  • Enrich your relationships  

All of this is possible – and more.

There is always a better tomorrow, and this program shows you how you can get there.


Why put off taking your mental health to the next level? There will never be a better time. You can buy the Getting Off Psychiatric Drugs program right now for only $37. Plus, the program comes with a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Updates For Life!  

When you purchase the program now, you will receive all future updates for free. As more research is published and I get more feedback from clients, I will continue tweaking and updating the program accordingly, and you will get a notification when the newest version of the program is available for download. That way, you won’t miss a thing!


30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not happy with the program, email me within 30 days at, and I will provide a full refund. 

Live Optimally,

Jordan Fallis